11 Best Treks in Nepal


Nepal has some of the widest ranges of trekking destinations in the world. These include some of the most beautiful and popular treks in the world.

So, you can definitely find something for you in this country. Ranging from short and easy to strenuous and long treks, you can find a number of options for trekking in Nepal. With the scenic varieties and trek grade, there are a number of treks in Nepal.

Depending on your convenience, time, budget, your physical and fitness level, you can choose among the treks that best suits you.

Here’s a list of a 11 best treks in Nepal.

1. Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trekking in Nepal
Everest Base Camp Trek in Everest Region of Nepal

Max Elevation: 5,600 m, Kala Patthar

Trek Days: 12 Days

Trekking Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Everest Base Camp Trek is the most popular trek in Nepal. You will come face to face with the world’s tallest mountain, Mt. Everest on this trek. This unbeatable feeling along with the spectacular close up views of the chain of mountains make it one of the best treks in Nepal.


  • Stand face-to-face with Mt. Everest and experience Everest Base Camp itself
  • Walk to Kala Patthar for fantastic views of majestic peaks such as Nuptse, Lhotse, and Mt. Everest
  • Great trekking trail and excellent mountain landscapes
  • Tengboche monastery, oldest of the region
  • Namche Bazar- the highest trade center in the world, a gateway to Mount Everest
  • Khumbu Glacier

2. Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trekking in Nepal
Langtang Valley Trekking in Nepal

Max Elevation: Tserko Ri (4,984m)

Trek Duration: 7-28 days

Trekking Difficulty: Moderate

Taking you through Langtang National Park, Langtang Valley Trek offers great views of Langtang Ri, Annapurna range and Makalu. One of the more accessible treks, Langtang takes you to the north of Kathmandu valley near the borders of Tibet.

Most trekkers overlook this trek for its lower altitude. Yet, Langtang offers some of the most stunning natural sceneries in Nepal. It also offers an exploration of the unique Tamang culture and a chance to walk past the beautiful glaciers.


  • Reaching atop Tserko Peak at an altitude of 4,984 m
  • 100% authentic and wild trekking experience
  • Kyanjin Gompa and Langtang Gompa
  • Astonishing sunrise views from Tserko Ri
  • Langtang National Park
  • Yak farms and Cheese factories
  • Extended pastures

3. Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek
Manaslu Circuit Trek

Max Elevation: Larkya Pass-5115m

Trek Duration: 15 Days

Trekking Difficulty: Strenuous

Type: Restricted region Trek

Flaunting amazing panoramas of the peaks on the Nepal-Tibet border, this trek takes you around the stunning Mt. Manaslu.

Manaslu Circuit Trek goes through the challenging mountain passes and both Hindu and Tibetan-styled villages.

Along with a fabulous trekking experience, this trek offers trails that are diverse, remote, and secluded.


  • Deep lush valleys at lower elevations
  • Amazing views of 8,000m peaks
  • The crossing of the Larke la Pass
  • You’ll walk in a circuit. Hence, you won’t go through the same trails.
  • Epic sceneries while crossing suspension bridges
  • Manaslu Trail Race: Takes place every year during November. A challenging, mountain race with participants from all over the world.

Note: Restricted region treks of Nepal requires restricted region permits. Along with this, these regions do not allow independent trekkers or trekking groups without at least one local trekking staff.

4. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

Max Elevation: Lapsang Pass- 5,160 m

Trek Duration: 12-30 days

Trekking Difficulty: Difficult

Accommodation: Camping

Trekking Type: Restricted Region

This trek is a walk to the foothills of the world’s third highest peak, Mt. Kanchenjunga.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek takes you to the secluded mountain ranges of Nepal’s border with India and Tibet. You also explore the diverse, rich and unspoiled culture and natural beauty of Eastern Nepal.

The region is home to some of Asia’s most exotic wildlife. During this trek, you may spot musk deer, blue sheep, red panda and the tracks of snow leopards along the way.


  • Crossing the Lapsang La Pass
  • Secluded area of the Himalayas
  • Splendid views of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Makalu, the world’s 3rd and 5th highest mountains in the world.
  • Kanchanjunga Conservation Area
  • Ghunsa, Lonak, and Pang Pema Base Camp
  • Diverse species of wildlife
  • Yalung glacier(5143 meters)
  • Kanchenjunga North/South Base Camp

5. Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trek

Max Elevation: Dhakmar- 3,810 m

Duration: 10-16 days

Trekking Difficulty: Moderate to Hard

Accommodation: Teahouse

Trekking Type: Restricted Region

Showing you a distinct landscape of Nepal, Upper Mustang Trek takes you to the arid valley of Upper Mustang.

Lying in the rain shadow region of Annapurna, this region wasn’t open for trekking until 1992. This high altitude, the semi-arid desert of Nepal used to be its own kingdom.

The landscape features many shades of brown and crumbling sandstone cliffs. It has a strong Tibetan-influenced tradition and landscape.

Due to the isolation from the world, the region still maintains its centuries-old culture and landscape.


  • Lo Manthang: Capital city of Mustang
  • 16th-century Buddhist monasteries
  • Caves carved into sheer cliff walls
  • Striking terrain of a semi-arid desert with deep ravines and rock shelves
  • Explore the unique Tibetan influenced culture
  • Amazing views of Nilgiri, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and the other Himalayan peaks.
  • Kali Gandaki basin
  • Tiji festival in Lo Manthang

6. Annapurna Circuit Trek

Max Elevation: Thorong La Pass-5416 meters

Trek Duration: 14-21 days

Trekking Difficulty: Moderate

Accommodation: Teahouse

Encircling the Annapurna Mastiff, Annapurna Circuit Trek is one of the most famous treks in Nepal.

This trek explores the richness and diversity of culture and landscape of Nepal. While doing this, you also get an amazing view of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. You also get a fabulous view of Macchapucchre, Manaslu and Langtang Himal.

Beginning from the lush green tropical jungle, you trek to the high alpine and lush valley to the base of arid peaks. You also pass through hospitable villages with varying ethnicities, lifestyles and culture.


  • Thorong La Pass
  • Kali Gandaki Gorge- deepest in the world
  • Muktinath temple, Kagbeni, Jomsom
  • Ethnic villages of Gurungs and Magars
  • Rupse Waterfall, Natural hot spring in Tatopani

7. Rara Lake Trek

Rara Lake Trek

Max. Elevation: 3,710 meters

Trek Duration: 8-14 days

Difficulty: Moderate-Strenuous

Trek Type: Restricted Region

This trek takes you to one of the most remote regions of Nepal- Karnali. Going through Rara National Park, you go to Rara Lake- the largest lake of the country. A thrill and exciting adventure is the perfect way to describe this trek.

You will pass through the quiet and undisturbed nature of the region. You will also find very few yet beautiful settlements that have their culture intact.


  • Beautiful forests of pine, spruce, juniper, and other exotic flora
  • Rara National Park: Home to the wildlife treasures of Nepal like rare Red panda, Musk Deer, Black beer, Ghorals, Leopards
  • Rara Lake
  • Thakuri Baba Temple
  • Bird watching
  • Remote villages of Jumla and Mugu districts of Nepal

8. Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Max. Elevation: Annapurna Base Camp- 4,320 m

Duration: 7-14 days

Trek Difficulty: Moderate

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek takes you to the foot of Annapurna South. During this trek, you will get almost a straight look up the mountains towering above you.

On this trek, you will wander through the beautiful hills, hospitable villages, and scenic valleys.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek makes you known to the diverse geographic structures, flora, and fauna of the Annapurna region. You also enjoy the culture and tradition of the local Gurung and Thakali communities.

This trek is also known as the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek.


  • An authentic, short, and real trekking experience.
  • Great trail and landscape with diverse geographic structures, flora, and fauna
  • Beautiful villages like Tadapani, Poon Hill and Deurali.
  • Enjoy the culture and tradition of the local indigenous mountain people
  • Annapurna Base Camp: The amphitheatre of the Annapurnas.

9. Makalu Base Camp Trek

Makalu Base Camp Trek

Max. Elevation: Shersong ridge- 5250 m.

Trek Duration: 16-23 days

Difficulty: Strenuous

Accommodation: Guesthouse, lodges, and Camping

Trek Type: Restricted Region

During this trek, you will reach the foothills of Mt Makalu while passing through remote, unspoiled topography. You pass through vibrant forests of Rhododendron and terrace farms of the hillside people.

You will also get a look into the lives of the local Rai and Sherpa people in lower elevations and Sherpas in the higher mountainous terrains.

This trek is perfect for experienced trekkers who wish to venture deep into the high Himalayas.

This trek also offers views of the giant Makalu above them. You can also see other high mountain peaks like Mt. Everest, Lhotse, and Baruntse.


  • Makalu Barun National Park
  • Remote, unspoiled nature and mountain scenery
  • Views of the Eastern face of Mt. Everest- the Kangshung face, Mt. Makalu and Lhotse
  • 100% authentic Himalaya trekking experience
  • A charming environment of the Arun Valley
  • Remote accessibility and off the beaten trekking trails
  • High waterfalls that cascade into deep gorges, Granite cliffs, hanging glaciers
  • Home to some of the last pristine mountain ecosystems on Earth

10. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking

Max. Elevation: PoonHill- 3,210 m

Trek Duration: 4-7 days

Difficulty: Easy

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is one of the best short treks of Nepal. It is an easy level trek, hence suitable for beginners and novice trekkers. Also, perfect for trekkers with a short time, yet have a desire to see the Himalayas of Nepal.

On this trek, you will trek pass through terraced farmlands, and beautiful rhododendron, magnolia forest. You will also explore the hospitable Gurung Villages.

This trek gives you a glimpse into the rich and diverse landscape and culture of Nepal. You also get fabulous mountain scenery from different parts of the trail. You also get amazing sunrise and sunset views against the great Himalayas.


  • Poon Hill: Amazing sunrise view, Fantastic panoramic view of the Himalayas
  • Ancient and culture-rich villages
  • Dense forests of Rhododendron and Oaks

11. Round Dhaulagiri Trekking

Round Dhaulagiri Trekking

Trek Duration: 12-21 days

Difficulty: Strenuous

Accommodation: Camping

Round Dhaulagiri Trek is popular as one of the most challenging treks in Nepal. Also known as Dhaulagiri Circuit, you will spend 3 days in a row trekking over snow above 5,000m.

This trek rewards you with unobstructed views of the entire Annapurna Range. You will also cross through the lap of local peaks like Dhampus peak, Tukuche for several days.

With prior experience and determination to face the challenge, this trek can be an unforgettable and wild adventure.


  • The crossing of Two 5000m+ passes
  • Unobstructed views of the entire Annapurna Range
  • Dhaulagiri Base Camp
  • Spectacular views of Tukuche Peak, Sita Chuchura, Tashi Kang, and Mukut Himal. You also get close views of Dhampus Peak and Mt. Dhaulagiri.

Final Say,

All these trek destinations have something different and amazing to offer. Depending on your needs, preference, and experience, you can choose among these best treks in Nepal.

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