Langtang Trek Cost & Complete Guide

Langtang Trek Cost

Langtang Trek takes you to the exotic places in the lap of Langtang Himal. This place is a perfect blend of unique culture, pristine natural beauty, and breathtaking mountains.

Langtang Trek costs anywhere between USD 500 – USD 900 for an average 7 to 12 days of the package. There are a lot of factors that incurs the cost. The choices on the various factor you make during your trek determines the total cost of Langtang trek.

The Langtang valley is only 19 miles north of Kathmandu. As this valley is close to Kathmandu, the cost of Langtang trek is quite affordable than other popular treks in Nepal.

This trek can be easily completed within a week or lengthen to 12 days. Thus, you can customize the duration of your trek as per your need and budget.

Langtang Trek cost depends on the following factors:

  • Duration – 7 days, 9 days or 12 days
  • The seasons in which you plan to trek – peak seasons or non-peaks seasons.
  • The type of accommodation you want
  • The choices of food and drinks
  • Extra services you want during your trek such as wifi, hot showers, charging etc
  • The trekking permits
  • The choices on modes of transportation
  • Guides and porters
  • Insurance costs

It is all based on how you are planning to spend the days in the Langtang region and for how long. All in all, you can trek to the Langtang valley and explore the spiritual, peaceful place within the limited budget.


Transportation Costs

langtang trek cost

The only way to enter the Langtang region is by the means of road transportation. Your Langtang Trek starts from Syabrubesi. So, you can travel to Syabrubesi from Kathmandu either by local buses, tourist buses or private jeeps/cars.

Public transportation is the cheapest among other modes of transportation. If you are in no hurry and want to spend less on transportation, then you can choose the local buses.

And if you want to travel with comfortable seats and more deluxe facilities then choose tourist buses. The prices of tourist buses are higher due to additional facilities like wifi, clean seats, provisional A/C etc.

You can also rent a taxi/cab or private jeeps and travel in a group for a comfortable ride.

Local Buses

USD 3 (NRs 300) per person for one way.

It cost you the same amount to get back.

Tourist Buses

USD 10-15 (NRs 1000-1500)

The range of cost varies according to the availability of seats and the seasons you trek in.

Taxi (Cabs)

USD 70-100 (NRs 7000-10000)

It also depends on your bargaining skills.

Private Jeeps

USD 8-10 (NRs 800-1000) per person

A private jeep has a capacity of 7 to 8 person seats. So, you can share with other people or travel in a group.

The road journey from and to Kathmandu – Syabrubesi is a long route. And you have to travel through many rough roads. That’s why for this journey, it is highly recommended to travel through buses. They are less bumpy than jeeps.

Accommodation Costs

langtang trek cost

You can find many tea-houses and lodges throughout the Langtang Trek.

There are different types of accommodation from basic to luxurious hotels in the lower region. But, at the higher altitudes, you can only find simple stay houses having the basic facilities. On this trail, most of the tea-houses also provide the accommodation.

Accommodation can cost you around USD 3-6 (NRs 300-600) per night.

During the peak season, the accommodation cost can range from USD 12-15 (NRs 1200-1500) per night.

But, during the off seasons, the price of accommodation drops down to USD 2-4 (NRs 200-400).

The trails are less crowded and you get the rooms at a cheap rate.

However, in the peak season, it is better to pre-book a room beforehand. Otherwise, you may have to share the room with other trekkers. Even, you may not get the room during the peak seasons.

Cost of Foods and Drinks

You can find varieties of food in the lower region. You can choose from food options such as typical Nepali food, Asian and Continental foods.

Most of the tea-houses serve Nepali staple food. Dal, Bhat, and tarkari ( a meal of steamed rice, lentils, and stir-fried seasonal vegetables) is a staple food of all Nepali people.

The prices of meals are slightly higher in the higher altitudes than in the lower altitudes. This is due to the lack of proper transportation services up to higher regions of Nepal. The options for the food menu will be somehow limited as you go up to the Himalayan regions.

In lower regions, one meal will cost you around USD 2-3 (NRs 200-300) per plate.

In higher regions, one meal will cost you around USD 4-6 (NRs 400-600) per plate.

It is best recommended to bring the chocolate bars and light snacks for the trek. It will help to cut down your cost related to foods.

It is very essential to stay hydrated throughout the trek especially while trekking in the higher altitudes.

You can choose from the varieties of drinks available on the trail. You can easily find the bottled water, tea, green tea, ginger tea, coffee and so on. The cost of drinks increases with an increase in altitude.

In the lower region, the bottled water will cost you around USD 0.2-0.5 (NRs 20-50).

In the higher region, the bottled water will cost you around USD 0.4-2 (NRs 40-200).

You can also fill your water bottle from the pure Himalayan waterfalls and taps on the trail. Then you can filter it using water purification tablets and drink it.

Cost of Trekking Permits

langtang trekking cost

For the Langtang Trek, you need two permits:

Langtang Regional Area Permit

It cost USD 20 (NRs 2000) per person.

Langtang National Park Entry Permit

The Langtang Trek takes you to Langtang National Park. you need this permit before you enter the Langtang valley.

It cost USD 30 (NRs 3000) per person excluding 13% VAT.

If you are SAARC national, then it will cost you around USD 15 (NRs 15000) plus 13% VAT.

We can arrange you both permits from our company.

You can also purchase these permits on the trail-head. But, at a higher rate.

Also, if you plan to trek through the Sundarijal-Chisapani route to enter the Langtang valley. Then, you need to buy a Shivapuri Conservation Area Permit.

This permit will cost you around USD 5 (NRs 500) per person. You can get the entry permit at the trek head, Sundarijal.

Locals do not need to obtain these permits. Hence, you will not need to buy permits for your local guide or porter if you choose to have them.

Cost of Guides and Porter

The trekking route is easier compared to other treks in Nepal. So, it is possible to trek to Langtang without a guide and porter.

But, it is mostly suggested to have both guide and porter with you though it adds to Langtang Trek Cost.

A guide can provide a lot of information regarding the place and surroundings. You get to know in detail about the landscapes, mountains, flora, and fauna on the trails.

They also help you to stay and eat at the best tea-houses, lodges and the best vantage points.

Carrying the load and trekking to higher altitudes is physically challenging. Thus, it is best to have a porter to share your load.

A guide can cost you around USD 22-25 (NRs 2200-2500) per day.

A porter can cost you around USD 15-18 (NRs 1500-1800) per day.

Insurance Costs

Langtang valley is a remote mountain range of Nepal. We advise you to get insurance while traveling in such places. There are always risks of accidents, injuries, luggage loss and so on. During an emergency, you may need helicopter evacuation as well.

Getting yourself insurance will help you cover all the requirements. Sometimes you may get seriously ill and may need an immediate helicopter evacuation. In such conditions, your Insurance policy becomes useful.

Insurances usually are for a 30 day period and can cost around $150. But, the prices vary according to the companies.

Note: You should get insurance from your home country. Travel agencies may not accept you if you do not have insurance.

Miscellaneous Costs

Your Langtang Trek Cost also depends on the following factors:

  • You may want to buy souvenirs from the mountains for your friends and family. This can start from pennies and above.
  • At higher altitudes, you will have to pay for charging your phone and batteries. It can cost you around $2-$5.
  • You might want to tip them if your guide, porter provide you with excellent services. This can be from $3-$5 per day.
  • Other than that, you may like to make donations to the schools and monasteries along the trail.

Some Tips to Minimize your Langtang Trek Costs

langtang trek

  • Bring light snacks and energy bars or chocolate bars replenish your energy throughout the trek. You can get them at the trails but at a higher price. Thus, it will help to reduce the total cost of your trek.
  • You can carry your own tea bags and only pay for hot water. This can also save your money along the trail.
  • You can bring your own purification tablets to purify your drinking water. This will save the cost related to the drinking water.
  • Langtang Region is not a hard trek and you do not need too much trekking gears. Therefore, there is no need for advanced equipment or gears for this trek. Due to this, you don’t need to spend much on the equipment.
  • You can also rent some necessary trekking gears for which you have to pay around USD 1-10 per day.
  • Dal- Bhat -tarkari is the local meal. Local meals are cheap, high in calories and are ready all the time. So, eat local meals instead of asking for western foods.
  • You can carry a solar power charger or a power bank Instead of paying to charge your phone and batteries at higher altitudes.
  • Make sure you carry only the essential things in the bag. So that you can take a load of the bag easily by yourself. This way you will not have to spend money on hiring a porter.

Langtang Trek – An Affordable and Budget-Friendly Trek

This Langtang trek happens to be quite a cheap one as there are various factors playing the role.

No Air Travel

You can trek to Langtang Valley only by the means of road transportation.

Since the Langtang region lies only 19 miles north of Kathmandu. A few hours drive will take you to the beautiful Langtang region.

Road transportation is relatively cheaper than air transportation in Nepal. So you don’t have to spend much on transportation.

Inexpensive Permits

Permits to enter the Langtang Region is inexpensive. Foreigners ( except SAARC nationals) have to pay about $ 34 including VAT as trekking permit fee to Langtang National Park.

Besides,Regional Area Permit costs around $20 for solo-travelers and $10 if you come through a travel agency.

Inexpensive Equipment and Gears

Langtang trek is easy to moderately difficult. You do not need any proper training or experience to trek to the Langtang Region.

Furthermore, advanced and expensive gears are not needed for this trek. This will help you save your budget.


Langtang Trek is an inexpensive trek when planned properly. It is a beautiful trek to the Langtang National Park offering the view of beautiful mountains, glacier lakes, and so on.

You have amazing times there as you get to know the unique culture blending with nature. Beautiful trails, spectacular Langtang Valley, snow-covered Langtang Lirung, are memories of a lifetime.

Langtang Trek Cost can be well managed depending on your convenience. You can contact us for this. You can also customize your trek as per your need, do let us know. You can choose Langtang Helambu trekLangtang Gosaikunda TrekLangtang Valley Trek with Ganja La Pass, and many other treks in this region.

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