1. Payment Details:  
You will have to make the necessary required payments for the itinerary before the start of your travel itinerary in Nepal. Once you have made all the payments, you will then embark on the travel itinerary. The cost you will have to pay for us will include the costs of domestic air fares, hotel/accommodation cost, meals, local transportation in the cities, entry fees while sightseeing around Kathmandu and other cities, conservation fees, visa application fees, among other costs. We would like to inform our clients that the payment costs do vary and do not always remain constant. Hence, it is actually hard to mention the accurate payment costs in our website as the costs are subjected to changes depending on the length and type of the itineraries. The best thing would be for you to come and visit our office or contact us via phone and email and give details about the itinerary you want to pursue in Nepal. We can then come up with the accurate payment costs of the itineraries.

2. Pay by Bank Transfer
Regarding the mode of payment, you can pay via bank and it is perhaps the easiest way of paying the cost. Paying through bank is very easy. Or else, you can also pay in cash by visiting our office. We will accept either of the means. Paying through bank or through the means by hard cash doesn’t involve any hassles.

 3. Pay by Credit Card
Alternatively, our clients can also use the means of Credit Card to make the necessary payments. You can either pay in Nepali currency or in US dollars. Paying through Credit Card is also quite convenient as you can simply provide your credit cards details to us and make the transaction. Credit Card mode of payment is quite common abroad and most of the visiting tourists prefer to use this means to make the payment.

4. Terms and Conditions
There are several terms and conditions which our clients need to abide by before enjoying our travel and tour packages. Some of the important terms and conditions of Osho Vision Treks are mentioned below:

(a)  Our clients first need to make all the necessary and required payments of the tour and itinerary package before setting off on the itinerary.

(b)  Generally, the travel and tour packages we provide are inclusive of tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner, hotel/ guesthouse accommodation, local transportation, travel maps, small hand bags, sleeping bags, tenting materials, etc, among others.

(c  Our clients should be informed that the travel and tour packages we provide do not cover personal insurance and other personal expenses. Also, the special trekking equipments required for expedition and trekking should be brought by the trekkers themselves.

  • Note– Remember the tour and travel package can be customized as per your convenience. Also, there can be some situations when the scheduled tours might have to be postponed because of various factors like environmental, climactic and others. During such times, you should be willing and flexible enough to comply with the makeshift travel and tour plans arranged by our company.