Round Dhaulagiri Trekking - 21 Days

Among the most popular 8000m peaks in the Himalayas, Mount Dhaulagiri is the seventh highest mountain in the world. Rising 7000 meters over the Kali Gandaki gorge, Dhaulagiri is a unique ‘white mountain’.

Dhaulagiri Circuit, also the Round Dhaulagiri Trekking, is popular as the most challenging trek in Nepal. You begin this trek with camping as there are no comfortable or even basic lodges. Then, you will spend three days in row trekking around 5,000m altitude.

This trek will take you within the base of giant peaks like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri ranges. You will even cross through the lap of local peaks like Dhampus peak, Tukuche, etc for several days.

In the remote Dhaulagiri area, the landscapes are quite wild & challenging. And there is very little comfort in the way of life of locals. The weather conditions and strenuous activities like climbing makes it more challenging. Thus, with no doubts, Round Dhaulagiri Trekking is of a strenuous grade.

But, this Round Dhaulagiri Trekking will be the most adventurous journey of your life. The untouched corners will take you around Dhaulagiri and Kali Gandaki valleys. The isolated villages are deep within unique lands far away from human chaos.

You will enter into green Hidden Valley and cross the high passes of French la & Dhampus pass. And that overwhelming feeling when you step at the world seventh highest Mt. Dhaulagiri base camp!

Additionally, the diverse customs you find along the varied landscape is adorable. The flora varies from various types of forests to treeless barren lands. The trail leads you from warm subtropical paddy terraces to alpine zone of conifer forest. And the fields of red buckwheat, apple orchards with rare greenery are amazing.

You will see semi-wild yak herds, blue mountain sheep, and the rare snow leopard in the remote valleys.

Highlights of the Round Dhaulagiri Trekking

  • Visit and dwell upon the world seventh highest Mt. Dhaulagiri Base Camp.
  • Spectacular view local peaks like Sita Chuchura, Mukut Himal, Tukuche peak, and Tashi Kang at Hidden Valley. And get close to peaks like Dhampus and Dhaulagiri.
  • Encounter beautiful hidden Valley and cross high passes of French La and Thapa/Dhampus Pass.
  • Hike to Glacier Camp, Italian Base Camp (Upper Vungini), and the main Dhaulagiri Base Camp.
  • To those who love exploring the unknown, this hidden region is a definite place to get into and experience.
  • Get closer encounter with Magar and the unique Lowa Culture
  • The route is diverse in itself. You trek to the base of the world’s highest peaks and walk through the deepest gorge at the same time.
DaysItineraryAltitudeTrek/Travel Duration
Day 01Arrival in Kathmandu1,338m, Kathmandu -
Day 02Sightseeing in Kathmandu and Trek preparation1,338m, Kathmandu -
Day 03Drive to Pokhara to Beni910m, Pokhara 6-7 hours to Pokhara and 4 hours to Beni
Day 04Trek to Dharapani1,860m, Dharapani 6-7 hours
Day 05Trek to Muri1,850m, Muri 4-5 hours
Day 06Trek to Boghara2,050m, Boghara 6-7 hours
Day 07Trek to Dobang2,520m, Dobang6-7 hours
Day 08Trek to Sallaghari3,110m, Sallaghari 5-6 hours
Day 09Trek to Italian Base Camp3,660m, Italian Base Camp6-7 hours
Day 10Acclimatization and Exploration around Italian Base Camp3,660m, Italian Base Camp3-4 hours
Day 11Trek to Glacier Camp4,250m, Glacier Camp5-6 hours
Day 12Day rest at Glacier Camp4,250m, Glacier Camp3-4 hours
Day 13Trek to Dhaulagiri Base Camp4,750m, Dhaulagiri Base Camp4-5 hours
Day 14Rest and acclimatization day at Dhaulagiri Base Camp4,750m, Dhaulagiri Base Camp3-4 hours
Day 15Trek to Hidden Valley via French Col5,360m, French Pass6-7 hours
Day 16Exploration around Hidden Valley5,000m, Hidden Valley3-4 hours
Day 17Trek over Dhampus Pass to Yak Kharka5,200m, Dhampus Pass6-7 hours
Day 18Trek to Jomsom2,7432m, Jomsom4-5 hours
Day 19Flight back from Jomsom to Pokhara910m, Pokhara 25-30 minutes of flight
Day 20Drive to Kathmandu and farewell dinner in the evening1,338m, Kathmandu 6-7 hours in a tourist bus
Day 21Final Departure--
Day 1
Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu

Upon your arrival, our airport staff will receive you at Tribhuvan International Airport. They will transfer you to your designated hotel at Thamel.

At the hotel, you will get a briefing about your trekking package with preparations. You will also meet your guides and your group members.

After this team meetup, you are free to explore the vibrant streets of Kathmandu.

Day 2
Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu and Trek preparation

After your morning breakfast, you will head to explore the capital city. Kathmandu is the city of temples and idols where a variety of religion, caste, and creed live. Also, this city is wholly filled with cultural inheritance. Among 10 UNESCO world heritage sites of Nepal, seven are here at Kathmandu.

You will visit the highlighted area of Kathmandu Valley and the surrounding area. The most visited pilgrimage site of Hindu, Pashupatinath. It is the renowned sacred shrine of Lord Shiva and also the center for thousands of devotees and sadhus.

And talking about the famous stupa; Boudhanath the serene spot has prayer wheel and colorful flags around with heart tinting chants. Then comes the ‘monkey temple; Swayambhunath, at the highest point of Kathmandu Valley. You will enjoy the panoramic 360-degree view of the valley.

Other places are the ancient historical palaces. Kathmandu city gives you a blend of modernization in a lively cultural way. The medieval period villages relive Malla art and culture. And the lifestyle of locals coincides with past of hundreds of years. Traditions support every religion and culture unifying the diversity in a single thread.

This day will be interesting and will give you a fresh start for your trek!

Day 3
Day 03: Drive to Pokhara to Beni

Altitude: 910m (Pokhara), 899m (Beni)

Travel Duration: 6-7 hours in a tourist bus (Ktm-Pkr), 4 hours drive (Pkr-Beni)

Accommodation: Tented Camp

Traveling through Nepal’s busy Prithvi highway, you reach the scenic land of Pokhara. Though the flight journey is short and time-saver, the drive is much fun. The way takes you to the narrow highways along the high hill. You will also witness the never-ending greenery, mini waterfalls, and diversified vistas.

At Pokhara, the view of spectacular Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Machhapuchhre will welcome you. After some lunch and rest, you will drive to Beni, the commencing point of the trek.

The drive will take around 4 hours and will again be a scenic one. Beni (Beni Bazar) is a famous tourist place located at the junction of Myagdi Khola and Kali Gandaki. It is also the district headquarters where you will verify your trekking permits.

Day 4
Day 04: Trek to Dharapani

Altitude: 1,860m, Dharapani

Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

Accommodation: Tented Camp

Today, you start your adventure through scenic walk along the ridges of Beni. Continuing along the Myagdi Khola, the trail passes through Darbang where you will have your lunch. The suspension bridge will take you to several hills. Finally, you will reach Dharapani.

Dharapani is a small village dominated by Gurung and Chhetri tribe. You will have the fair view of Dhaulagiri from here towards the north.

Day 5
Day 05: Trek to Muri

Altitude: 1,850m, Muri

Trek Duration: 4-5 hours

Accommodation: Tented Camp

Crossing a river in Phedi, you will ascent to steep paths. Proceeding further, you pass through places like Takum, Sibang, and Mattim. From there, you will descend down to the inclined trail of Phalai village. Afterward, you cross rivulets of Myagdi like Ghatti Khola and Dhara Khola.

On crossing few ridges and a hanging bridge from Dhara Khola, you reach Muri -a complete Magar village.

You get an amazing glimpse of Mt. Dhaulagiri and other sister peaks including Gurja Himal and Putha Hiunchuli.

Day 6
Day 06: Trek to Boghara

Altitude: 2,050m, Boghara

Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

Accommodation: Tented Camp

This day has the route with several ups and downs along the terraced fields and bamboo stands. You will pass through many streams and Myagdi river to reach Naura village. You can get the serene view of the local peak Mt. Ghustung South (6,465m).

Further, you will face inclined cliffs and steep slopes. You have to descend through a forest and chain of hills to finally reach Boghara.

Day 7
Day 07: Trek to Dobang

Altitude: 2,520m, Dobang

Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

Accommodation: Tented Camp

Departing from Boghara, you will move towards Dobang. This day will be quite difficult as the trails start getting its altitude.

As usual, you will walk through terraces, high ridges, and dark-deep forest of Jyardan. Then, a small settlement opens up where you will have your day lunch.

Then, you will pass along the farm fields of Bagara village followed by the steep forests. The lush bamboo, oaks, rhododendron, and pines will accompany you.

At this point, you will have a challenging climb to Lipshe at 2,080m. You will then continue through forest ways at Lapche Kharka and then walk to reach Dobang at 2,520m. Dobang is the camping spot by the river around the forest.

Day 8
Day 08: Trek to Sallaghari

Altitude: 3,110m, Sallaghari

Trek Duration: 5-6 hours

Accommodation: Tented Camp

As the name suggests ‘Sallaghari’, the trail takes you to the dense forest of pines. Along with lush vegetation like ferns, rhododendrons, and bamboos.

You will cross the suspension bridge over Myagdi Khola. Sallaghari is the grassy area with forest where there is a good place to camp.

Day 9
Day 09: Trek to Italian Base Camp

Altitude: 3,660m, Italian Base Camp

Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

Accommodation: Tented Camp

This day of trek begins with ascending to the woody land and bridges. The woods are in fact ‘lovely, dark, and deep’. Imagine the greenery at such altitude and the cool mountain ranges around you. You will have an outstanding experience.

You cross Choriban stream and continue to the moraine of Chhonbarban Glacier.

The glance of Tukuche peak, Dhaulagiri I becomes more visible and clearer. After a few hours walk, you will reach the station for the day- Italian Base Camp.

From the camp, towards the west, the peaks like Dhaulagiri II, Dhaulagiri III, and Dhaulagiri IV stands still.

This place marks the camping site of the earlier mountaineers during Dhaulagiri expeditions. Italian Base Camp is also called Upper Vungini.

Italian Base Camp is a full glaciated area. Here, you view south peaks of Dhaulagiri ranges including Putha Hiunchuli, Tsaurabang, Manapath, etc.

Day 10
Day 10: Acclimatization and Exploration around Italian Base Camp

Altitude: 3,660m, Italian Base Camp

Trek Duration: 3-4 hours

Accommodation: Tented Camp

As you will be trekking in a row at the altitude of around 5,000 meters, enough day breaks are necessary. This will give you a bit of relaxation, exploration, and acclimatization. At such large altitude, you may feel some symptoms of altitude sickness. So, you must take enough rest and adapt with the changing altitude before you ascend further.

Day 11
Day 11: Trek to Glacier Camp

Altitude: 4,250m, Glacier Camp

Trek Duration: 5-6 hours

Accommodation: Tented Camp

The trail for this day is tougher as there might be some technical paths on the way. Thus, you will walk through the short distance for proper adaptation.

As the altitude varies, you have to be ready in every aspect. This spot is at the narrow and lateral moraine to the Chonbarden gorge. The Chhonbarden Glacier Camp at 4,200m is also the ‘Japanese Camp’.

After passing the gorge, the path is narrow and can be hard. Then continuing about an hour comes Glacier camp. The icy glacier will surround you. That is a heavenly feeling. Also, there are good ridges for campsites and tents.

With spectacular surroundings, you will fall in love with every challenge on the way. Leaving tree lines behind, you will be walking on a glacier, moraines, and rocky ridges. The actual adventure starts up!

Day 12
Day 12: Day rest at Glacier Camp

Altitude: 4,250m, Glacier Camp

Trek Duration: 3-4 hours

Accommodation: Tented Camp

A day rest is necessary to adapt to the weather conditions, topography, and altitude. It is also very necessary before proceeding Dhaulagiri Camp the next day. You will walk around the Glacier Camp towards a large moraine ridge. Tukuche peak becomes real close. You can even see the snow-filled places and also the valley heading the French Pass.

A gradual gain of altitude can be challenging. So, keep yourself hydrated and maintain your slow pace.

Day 13
Day 13: Trek to Dhaulagiri Base Camp

Altitude: 4,750m, Dhaulagiri Base Camp

Trek Duration: 4-5 hours

Accommodation: Tented Camp

Today, you will walk along the glacier feeds of Myagdi river. The trail follows towards the moraine and icebergs. Afterward, a vertical climb will take you towards the vantage point of Mt. Dhaulagiri. Dhaulagiri Base Camp.

As the paths are at glaciated sections you have been aware and walk in a good teamwork. This part is quite strenuous too as the glacier place at a rocky place. You can also see the start of the climbing route towards Mt. Dhaulagiri.

You will have the outstanding view of Mt Dhaulagiri I (8,167m) and its glacier. Along with the Tukuche peak on the north and Dhaulagiri II (7,751m), Dhaulagiri III (7,715m), and Dhaulagiri IV (7,661m) are great.

Day 14
Day 14: Rest and acclimatization at Dhaulagiri Base Camp

Altitude: 4,750m, Dhaulagiri Base Camp

Trek Duration: 3-4 hours

Accommodation: Tented Camp

This is another important day of acclimatization before reaching the French Pass at 5,360m. This day as you will have a short walk, you can even walk towards French Pass. And then, you will return back to your camp. This will be of few hours and will help you adapt with the altitude.

As the trail along French Pass is tricky, you may have to use ice axe and crampons at a certain point. But not to worry as you will be with the trained team. There will be the preliminary training; especially to the novices about proper use of technical gear.

Day 15
Day 15: Trek to Hidden Valley via French Pass

Altitude: 5,360m, French Pass

Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

Accommodation: Tented Camp

This is a crucial day as you will head again to the highest point of this trip, French pass at 5,360 meters. The proper acclimatization will be a true aid.

The walk follows the dry glacier and moraine nearby Tukuche peak. Then, the trail towards the top ridge of French Pass begins. Adorned with multi-colored prayer flags, French pass gives you the fantastic surrounding views. Here, you will view local peaks like Sita Chuchura, Mukut Himal, and Tashi Kang.

Close view of Tukuche peak and massive Dhaulagiri I is a major attraction.

Then after a short downhill walk, you will reach Hidden valley within a few hours. There, you will encounter a wide grassland. This place is perfect for overnight camping. In the sparse and isolated vegetation, you will be close to the Base of Dhampus peak.

Day 16
Day 16: Exploration around Hidden Valley

Altitude: 5,000m, Hidden Valley

Trek Duration: 3-4 hours

Accommodation: Tented Camp

As you will camping in every spots/routes spare day are very significant. This helps to deal with unfavorable weather or any physical fatigue of team members. And an extra day helps you with more exploration and acclimatization.

Plus, you will get time to relax, enjoy, and explore the fabulous surroundings. You will definitely know more about many least visited places. And there are some mini-trail options for day walks at Hidden Valley. You will view beautiful peaks like Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, and western Annapurna ranges.

Day 17
Day 17: Trek over Dhampus Pass to Yak Kharka

Altitude: 5,200m, Dhampus Pass

Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

Accommodation: Tented Camp

After a day rest at Hidden Valley, you will pass along several passes. This might be another tough challenge you will be facing. You will pass some of the adventurous spots like Dhampus Pass at 5,200m. At the top, you have the glistening view of Annapurna Himal, Nilgiri along with the local Dhampus peak.

To reach Dhampus pass, you will have to pass avalanche prone slopes. You will walk across Bagar village and also follow Myagdi Khola. You will encounter glacial camps and the never seen landscape structure.

Descending at steep edges, you will head to Yak Kharka afterward for the overnight camp. Yak Kharka is famous for its landscape and vegetation of juniper, blueberry, and rhododendron bushes.

Day 18
Day 18: Trek to Jomsom

Altitude: 2,742m, Jomsom

Trek Duration: 4-5 hours

Accommodation: Teahouse

Today, you will be climbing for a long time until you reach Marpha. You will have a great time around the Dhaulagiri and Kali Gandaki valleys. Talking about Marpha, it is a dream village for most adventure lovers.

Marpha is a small village full of whitewashed houses and paved streets. Famous for apple orchards, Marpha has many ancient Buddhist monasteries. You will take your lunch break here and enjoy for a while.

Then, continuing the trek you will head to Jomsom. Jomsom is another unique land of diverse landscapes and cultures. Here, you will get the full insight of the customs, traditions, and a typical way of life.

Day 19
Day 19: Flight back from Jomsom to Pokhara

Altitude: 910m, Pokhara

Travel Duration: Half an hour of flight

Accommodation: Hotel

The next day you will take a flight back from Jomsom to Pokhara (City of Lakes). If you wish we could extend the trek at Jomsom. You can trek to the famous spots like Marpha, Ghasa, Tatopani, Hile from there. It depends on your choice for this extension.

Once in Pokhara, you can visit Phewa lake, Davis Falls, World Peace Pagoda, Mahendra cave, Bindabasini temple, and Pokhara Mountain Museum.

Day 20
Day 20: Drive Back to Kathmandu and Farewell Dinner in the Evening

Collecting the lifetime memories, you will depart from the beautiful land of Pokhara. After a certain time, you will be back to the hustling Kathmandu.

After reaching you will back to your hotel. Your evening will be free so you can plan your activities like shopping souvenirs. While for the dinner, we will meet at a dinner party hosted by our team.

Day 21
Day 21: Final Departure

This is your last day in the land of Himalayas. As per your flight departure timing, our representative will drop you to the airport. We wish you a safe journey and look forward to your positive response.

Hope you will have a great and enjoyable time!

If you want to extend your journey, we will be more than happy to customize the itinerary. Also, if you have any type of query regarding this or any other trekking routes, just feel free to contact us.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Round Dhaulagiri Trekking

Trip Facts

  • Dhaulagiri Region
  • Camping, Trekking
  • 5,360 meters, French Pass
  • 21 Days
  • Min 2 to Max 14 persons
  • Strenuous
  • 5-6 hours
  • Spring (February-April) and Autumn (October -December)
  • Kathmandu
  • Beni/Jomsom

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