1. Domestic Air Ticket
Services of domestic air flight are very much necessary in Nepal for the visiting tourists as flights are the only means of travelling in many places of Nepal. Hence, domestic air services become very important and crucial aspect for tourism in Nepal as it can save time of the visiting tourists and also makes their journey easy and smooth. Many domestic flights operate in Nepal, connecting some of the very remote places of the Himalayan country to the Capital city of Kathmandu and other major cities. The extensive flights in the domestic air circuit have considerably eased the air traffic in Nepal and because of that it has been possible for the visiting foreigners to reach any destination in Nepal through regular flights in a matter of few minutes.
Regular domestic flight services have greatly assisted in the conduction and timely completion of the travel itineraries in Nepal. Some of the most popular and common domestic flights which operate in Nepal are Buddha Air, Sita Air, Fishtail Air, Yeti Air, Agni Air, Nepal Airlines Corporation, among many other private domestic fleets. All of these airlines have their regular flights to and from the capital city of Kathmandu, connecting the Capital to nearby cities including the remote terrains of the hills and the mountains. Regular flights connect to other major cities like Pokhara, Biratnagar, Bhairahawa, Bharatpur, Parsa, and others to Kathmandu. Although there are many travel agencies which operate from Kathmandu, if you book domestic flights from Osho Vision Treks then you won’t have to face any problems and difficulties. Our team will make sure that your Nepal stay will be free from any kind of trouble and memorable.

2. International Air Ticket
Quite obviously, many international airlines have their regular international flights to Nepal from different parts of the world. Many cities in the world including the major cities are connected to Nepal through the means of international flight. Because of all these connecting international flights, it is actually possible for the foreigners to visit Nepal at any point of the time throughout the year and pursue their dream of trekking, expedition, sightseeing and other adventure activities in Nepal. All the International flights in Nepal have greatly helped in the promotion and fostering of tourism in Nepal which happens to be one of the major sources of income of the Himalayan country. Some of the major international airlines/flights that have their regular flights in Nepal are Dragon Air, Cathay Pacific, Fly Dubai, Druk Air, Etihad Airways, Jet Airlines etc. All these airlines have regular flights to and from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal several times a week, ferrying hundreds of thousands of passengers every year. Once you land in Kathmandu, there will again be several domestic flights connecting to other major cities of the country, helping and easing your journey and travel. Quite naturally, there are many agencies in Nepal which book international tickets of various airlines. However, Osho Vision Treks will surely provide you the best and easy way for ticket booking service in Nepal. Our entire focus will be to make sure that our clients and the visiting tourists will have a pleasant and memorable stay in Nepal and that you will be back to your country completing the memorable trek with no difficulties and with all the great memories.

3. Helicopter Charter
Helicopter charter is one of the major options for the visiting tourists who wish to travel to the exotic and remote lands of Nepal through helicopter. As Nepal is a Himalayan country, many remote lands and areas of the country do not have access to roads and hence airlines flight or Helicopter become the only means for the tourists to reach the remote places. There are few places in Nepal where there are no airports and where domestic flight is not possible. During such times, Helicopter Charter is the best option and alternative for the visitors as it saves their time and eases their trekking itinerary.
Helicopter Charter, however, is an expensive process and it is especially favourable for the ones who are willing to spend during their Nepal stay. However, if the visiting tourists want to spend lavishly and also want to explore the adventures and the remote places of Nepal in short period of time, Helicopter Charter is the best available option for them. The remote villages and regions of Nepal can be explored right away and they will have one more way of exploring and learning more about Nepal and its beauty. Osho Vision Treks will arrange chartered Helicopters for you if you need. The prices at Osho Vision will be reasonable as compared to other travel and trekking agencies and also the experts with our team are quite experienced as you will have a comfortable and memorable helicopter ride.

4. Vehicle Service
Vehicle service in Kathmandu is quite extensive and also very important for the visiting tourists as it provides a means for the travelling foreigners to navigate and travel inside the Capital city of Kathmandu. Vehicle service in Kathmandu is also very important as it comes very useful for the sightseeing tour around the Capital City. You can hire private cars and vehicles for the sightseeing tour in Kathmandu through various car hire companies. Otherwise, Osho Vision Treks also has the services of hiring vehicle services and you do not need to consult with a separate car hire agency until you plan to get along with the travel itinerary with the Osho Vision. Vehicle service is very useful as you travel past and visit several Durbar Squares, temples and monuments in Kathmandu.
Likewise, vehicle services are very useful and needed when the tourists head outside from Kathmandu for travelling and trekking purpose. Private hired vehicles are especially useful when the tourists are driving to Pokhara from Kathmandu. As the public vehicles are crowded, foreigners mostly prefer the private vehicles as they can enjoy the peaceful ride until the destination. The vehicle services are also very common inside major cities like Pokhara, Butwal, Chitwan,Biratnagar etc. Better vehicle services inside the cities just helps to make the Nepal tour and visit more easy, comfortable and memorable for the visiting tourists.