Osho Vision Treks and Expedition has been involved in the sector of tourism in Nepal since the last seven years. It was first established in 2008 by a team of dedicated and hardworking travel professionals. Ever since the establishment, Osho Vision has been providing the services including the travel and tour packages for prospective travelers and visitors, both domestic and foreigners. Osho Vision has made rapid progress in the field of travel and tourism in a very short period of time and we have also been providing quality services to our clients, we have enough dedication and enthusiasm to continue doing in the coming years too. We want to give our best effort in converting Nepal as the ultimate tourism destination in the world.

We have a team of dedicated and experienced people who have had experience in the sector of tourism for more than 10-15 years. Our total team comprises of 35-40 people ranging from the Managing Director and the people in the managerial position to including the drivers, porters, guides, and others. And hence we make a collective effort so that we can provide good and quality services to our clients and customers. Moreover, some of the travel packages and itineraries made available by our company are unique and exotic ones which will help you in learning and exploring more about Nepal and its rural and exotic locations. The itineraries we offer are quite comprehensive and full of adventure which will quench the desire of the visiting tourists and leaved them satisfied. Likewise, there will also be opportunities to learn and discover more about the traditional and ethnic cultures of rural Nepal during the course of Nepal trekking. In addition, the prices we offer at Osho Vision are comparatively cheaper than in other travel and tours as we basically intend to satisfy our customers and make their trip a memorable one.

We welcome you to come and try the services of Osho Vision Treks and Expedition, and get started with the journey of hiking and trekking in this beautiful country Nepal. We can confidently say that your Nepal visit will be a memorable one and Osho Vision will give everything to satisfy and please our clients and customers with great quality and touching hospitality.
Thank you for showing interest in Osho Vision Treks and Expedition.