Tara Nath Lamichhane (Dinesh)

He began to work in tourism since 2001 as a porter, subsequently, two-years later; he became a Russian Speaking senior Trekking guide.  Working as four five-years, he became English and Russian Speaking treks & tour operator. He achieved the success one after another with in short span of time in the sector of tourism. He has a sound of strong enthusiasm and long years experience being involved in Nepal tourism. His national and international exposure helped him to be established as a Managing Director of Osho Vision Treks and Expedition (P.) Ltd.  He have some years Experience of  Osho Tapoban for the  meditation . He was very much influence from  the principle of  Osho, To make immortalized name of  the Osho He have been started his business company’s  name  as a Osho Vision Treks & Expedition (P.) Ltd.

He has so far visited India, Tibet Russia and some other European countries namely, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and a few other countries. His visit helped him gain incredible opportunities to study about the principles and nature of global tourism and build the business relationship with tourism entrepreneurs in various countries He has aim to contribute on protection and preservation of this beautiful nature and culture for future generations. Being a successful entrepreneur in tourism, he has strong dedication for Eco-friendly practices and strong belief in improvement in the lives of local people, providing them maximum benefits of tourism.