Trekking in Nepal in April

April is the time of mid-Spring in Nepal. It is the second best month for treks and travels in Nepal because of the pleasant weather in almost all trekking destinations.

This month offers a colorful and lush nature under the fragrance of multicolored rhododendrons. It also offers amazing, clear views of the surrounding landscapes and mountain peaks.

All the trekking destinations, routes available in Nepal are open and doable in April. There is the least chance of roadblocks or extreme weather hostile for trekking.

April also has warm and stable weather conditions along with moderate temperatures. You can trek light and comfortably under the warm sun of the spring.

To find out more about trekking in Nepal in April, keep on reading.

Weather while Trekking in Nepal in April

Weather while Trekking in Nepal in April

The weather conditions in April make it one of the most favorable months to do treks in Nepal.

April is mid-spring. The days are warm, long, dry, and clear. Due to the diverse landscape of Nepal, the weather conditions can vary in different parts of Nepal. On average, the weather conditions are stable and moderate, perfect for treks.

The average day time temperatures at altitudes below 2000m are around 26-29 ° C. During the nights, it can drop to 7-9 ° C. As you go higher in elevation, the temperature drops a few degrees.

At altitudes below 4000m, you can also enjoy bright and long days. The average daylight time in April is around 11 hours in these altitudes.

A general rule of thumb for temperatures is- the temperature goes down 1°C for a 100 m climb.

Hence, at altitudes above 5000m, the average daytime temperature is around 8-12 ° C. During the nights, it drops to below-freezing degrees at around -2 to -5 ° C.

The weather conditions may also vary depending on the routes you trek. Some parts of Nepal is quite windy compared to others. Also, Base Camps and high passes have extreme weather conditions regardless of the month you trek in.

Yet, April is one of the best months to climb and cross high passes, peaks and base camps in Nepal. These are usually snow-free in April and offers amazing, clear mountain views.

April has little to no chances of rainfall in most regions of Nepal. It only has an average rainfall of 57 mm.

Where to Go Trekking in Nepal in April?

Both tea house and camping treks are available and favorable while trekking in Nepal in April. Depending on your choice of comfort and experience, you can choose one of the two.

Given below are some of the popular trekking destination to visit along with the different routes available for them.

Everest Region

April marks the start of Everest Climbing season. Hence, you will see plenty of expedition teams on the way to Everest on the trails. April has great and more stable weather condition along with moderate temperatures in the Everest Region.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek

This is the most popular and one of the more challenging treks of Nepal. You trek to the Base Camp of the world’s highest mountain peak, Mt. Everest on this trek.

In April, you can enjoy the crystal clear views of the mountain peaks on this trek. You can also enjoy the flora and fauna inside the Sagarmatha National Park.

In April, for the more adventurous trekkers, you can try the EBC trek with Island Peak. Along with a trek to Base Camp, you will also climb one of the highest trekking peaks of Nepal-Island Peak.

You can also try the classic EBC route- Jiri to Everest Base Camp trek. This is the route taken by the legendary climbers- Edmund Hilary and Tenzin Norgay Sherpa on their climb to Everest.

You can choose the Gokyo Cho La Pass Everest Base Camp Trek. If you wish to skip EBC altogether, you can opt for Gokyo Ri Trek or the Everest Gokyo Lake Trek.

On these trails, you will view the beautiful valleys, magnificent river, pristine lakes, and the unaffected mountain views.

In April, you can enjoy the clear and beautiful view of turquoise lakes and lush green valley. The majestic views of the surrounding mountains of the Everest region is a bonus.

Short and Easy Treks of Everest Region

For those who think Everest Base Camp trek is too challenging, there are other options.

You can opt for the Everest View Trek or the Everest Panorama Trek.

Annapurna Region

Annapurna Region

Like Everest, Annapurna region has many trekking destinations and routes to choose from. In April, all these are doable and open for visitors. Some of the popular treks in Annapurna Region are:

Annapurna Circuit Trek

This classic trek takes you around the Annapurna Mastiff. It offers one of the most diverse and stunning trails of the region.

Along with fabulous and clear views of mountains, you can enjoy the diverse culture of the region. In April, you can also enjoy the colorful blooms of the local flora. It is also a great time to spot wildlife in the region.

Even Thorong La Pass at 5,416m is sometimes free of snow. It also has more stable weather conditions than the rest of the year.

You can opt for the mini-version of this trek if you have limited time.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Another classic and popular trek in Nepal, this trek is superb in April.

You pass through the trails filled with dense and colorful forests of rhododendron, magnolia. You also pass across the gorgeous green forests of oak, pine, and bamboo.

You also get gorgeous mountains peak views. You will also pass through Machhapuchhre Base Camp on the way.

Along with this, you can take a dip in the natural hot springs on the trails. In April, these springs have the perfect temperatures to soak in and relax your tiring muscles from the trek.

Short and easy treks of Annapurna region

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Royal Trek, Annapurna Sunrise Trek, and Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

These are the short and easy trek options of Annapurna Region. All these treks offer great views along with visits to beautiful villages.

In April, the weather conditions along with the pleasant trails make this ideal for beginners, novice, and family treks.

These treks are ideal for trekkers who have a time constraint or are new to high altitude treks.

Although short and easy, these treks offer spectacular and panoramic views of mountain peaks in the Annapurna region. These also offer amazing sunrise and sunset views over the mountains.

You also get a look into the diverse culture of Nepal during these treks. You explore and stay at villages of locals with unique culture, traditions, and different ethnic backgrounds. You can also visit monasteries, temples, stupas on the way.

Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang trek offers a look into a different side of Nepal. From the dry Himalaya landscape to the well-preserved culture of Loba, you will have a unique exploration on this trek.

April is a great time for this trek as it is time for the biggest festival of Mustang- Tiji Festival. You can plan this trek as Tiji festival trek as well. There you will trek to the places of Upper Mustang while participating in Tiji festival.

This festival brings locals back to Mustang from all parts of Nepal. It gives you an intimate look into the ancient tradition and culture of Loba people, their local dialects, typical Tibet-influenced lifestyles and so on.

Langtang Region

Langtang Region

This accessible trekking region of Nepal is open to visitors in April. All the trekking routes in this region offer a chance to witness the local wildlife and flora of the region. April is a great time to spot monkeys, species of deer and the endangered Red Panda.

Langtang Valley Trek

This is the most popular trek in the region. Along with splendid views of the Langtang ranges, it offers a look into the Tibetan influenced lifestyle and culture of Nepal.

You can get a detailed picture of the devastation of April 2015 earthquake and the facets of reconstruction activities in the valley. So, unlike other treks in Nepal, Langtang valley trek surely gives you a mixed experience.

In April, the trails are dry and in good conditions for a safe and comfortable trek experience.

For a more cultural and comfortable trek experience, you can opt for Tamang Heritage Trail.

You will witness the rich culture of local Tamangs of Langtang region.

You can also combine your Langtang Valley trek with Helambu Trek and Gosaikunda Lake Trek.

Helambu Trek offers a look into the preserved and traditional culture of the ‘Hyolmos’.

Less Known Treks in Other Parts of Nepal

Less Known Treks in Other Parts of Nepal

There are still regions of Nepal that are less visited by travelers and trekkers. In April, these are great to visit. These have fewer crowds, cost less, and offer authentic, classic trekking experience.

Some examples include:

Makalu Base Camp Trek

This is one of the wild and off-the-beaten-path treks in Nepal. In April, it offers an exclusive view of all major peaks to the east. This includes some of the highest peaks in the world, Mt. Everest and Mt. Kanchenjunga.

April is also a great time to see the colorful blossoms of the local flora. These include colorful forests of rhododendron, orchid, a variety of aromatic plants, primrose.

You will also pass several alpine lakes and deep gorges on this trek. If lucky, you may also spot some are animals such as the endangered Red Panda, Himalayan Thar, and snow leopard.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

It is another one of the wild, remote, and challenging treks of Nepal. This trek is on its way to becoming more popular with the construction of lodges and other infrastructures along the trails.

In April you get excellent views of Mt. Manaslu, Ganesh, and Machapuchhre from the trails. You will also encounter the lush green subtropical forests in the lower regions. Along with this, you will witness the vegetation of the sub-alpine zones in the higher regions.

You can also visit different villages, monasteries along the way. April also offers great photographic opportunities of the Manaslu region.

You can also combine this trek with Tsum Valley trek. Or, you can do the Tsum Valley trek on its own. This valley in the Manaslu region is an interesting and beautiful valley with its own unique culture.

Festival to Observe While Trekking in Nepal in April

Festival to Observe While Trekking in Nepal in April

Nepal is host to many festivals. Some popular festivals celebrated in April are:

Bisket Jatra (Nepali New Year)

Nepal has its own Lunar Calendar. The new year on this calendar takes place around mid-April. Bisket Jatra marks the celebration in Nepali New Year in Bhaktapur. You can see a huge golden chariot carried around the town. This chariot carries the images of Lord Bhairab.

Ghode Jatra

This festival is celebrated to ward off a demon at Tudikhel. You will see different performances with horses on this day.

The trained horses of Nepal Army perform horse race and circuses at Tundikhel on this day.

Legends say that the trampling of the horses prevents the demons from rising again.

Buddha Jayanti

This falls on the full moon day of the 1st month of the Nepali Calendar.

This day marks the birth of Lord Buddha. You will see devotees visiting temples dedicated to the Lord. You will also see devotees lighting oil lamps in these areas of worship along with their homes.

Accommodation, Meals, and Drinks While Trekking in Nepal in April

Accommodation, Meals, and Drinks While Trekking in Nepal in April

All the lodges, tea houses, cafes, and restaurants on the trails are open in April. These include the luxury lodges and hotels as well as the tiny tea stalls on the trails.

Hence, you will find plenty of options to choose from for most of the popular trails. For the remote treks, the options for these are more limited and basic.

For popular trails, remember to book these in advance.

Pros and Cons of Trekking in Nepal in April


Stable weather conditions

In April, there is less risk of flight delays, cancellations, roadblocks. There is also less risk of avalanches, landslides, and mudslides. The weather in the higher altitudes also remains quite stable than in other seasons.

Clear, long, bright, and dry days

In April, you can enjoy all these conditions during the day. The average daylight hours in the lower regions is 11 hours. This means you can trek for a longer period with sunshine over you.

Amazing, clear views

April has chances of little to no rain and snow. Hence, you get fabulous and clear views of the surrounding landscapes and mountain peaks. You also get views of local flora and fauna of the region.


Large Crowds

April is peak season for treks. Hence, it sees one of the highest numbers of trekkers in the popular trek destinations of Nepal.

Higher Cost

As a peak season, the hotels and service providers along the trails charge higher in April. Everything from your room, meals, drinks along with other services cost more in April.

Tips for Trekking in Nepal in April

Tips for Trekking in Nepal in April

  • If you are trekking in the popular destinations of Nepal, book everything in advance. This includes your flights, accommodations, trek packages, meals.
  • Layering is ideal for clothing. This ensures you can adjust to the changing temperatures on the trails.
  • April can get quite windy in some parts of the trails. Make sure to bring your windproof jackets with you.
  • Sun protection gear is a must in April. The sunshine hours are long, warm, and bright during this month.
  • For the remote region treks of Nepal, a guide or a porter is a must. The trails here are not as well-marked, hence having one of them can help you not get lost. A guide can also help you choose the best tea house and book them in advance for you.

Final Say,

April is a season full of flower blooms, colorful festivals, and pleasant weather conditions. All these factors are great for long hikes and treks in Nepal.

April in Nepal is a trekker’s paradise. From the wide range of choices in trails and trekking destinations, it also offers long and bright days perfect for walks.

You can enjoy the beautiful and diverse nature and culture along the trails. For any further queries or questions related to treks or tours in Nepal in April, feel free to contact us.

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